What is the name Logan, meaning by Name Vibration?


What is the name Logan? Name Vibration of Logan is converted into a vision, and into a message. It tells you what is the meaning of the name Logan. 

All names have different sounds. Sound is vibration. The vibration can be converted to vision in a meditative state with a joyful and peaceful mind. The vision has a message that tells what is the pure quality of your name. In this post, I draw the vision of the name Logan and introduce the message from the name Logan.

What does Logan mean spiritually with Name Vibration Reading?

When I access to the sound of the name Logan, I got a vision and draw as below.

meaning of the name logan by Name vibration art

I asked the drawing what does the name Logan mean. Then, I received the following message from the drawing in Japanese about the meaning of the name Logan.

今、私達が当たり前に暮らしている空間は、待ったく別の遠い空間とつながっている。 例えば、地上の下に、宇宙空間とつながる通り道がある。 想像の範囲を越えた、全く不可能と思うような現実は、日常の些細な行動からそこにつながっている。 Loganは、「不可能な奇跡への入り口は、今ここにある日常の表現の中にある。」ということを行動で表現し、人々に示している。

And, I translated into English.

Space where we live daily life is connected to a completely different another space. For example, under the ground, there is a pathway to the outer space.  The reality that is beyond the imagination and seems impossible to come true connects from the daily normal actions. Logan represents with his action and shows to people that the gateway to an impossible miracle is in daily present expression.

I made my drawing process and the message into a 1-minute video. Please watch.

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