What is the name Ella, meaning by Name Vibration?

What is the name Ella, meaning by Name Vibration?

What is the name Ella? Name Vibration of Ella is converted into a vision, and into a message. It tells you what is the meaning of the name Ella. 

All names have different sounds. Sound is vibration. The vibration can be converted to vision in a meditative state with a joyful and peaceful mind. The vision has a message that tells what is the pure quality of your name. In this post, I draw the vision of the name Ella and introduce the message from the name Ella.

What does Ella mean spiritually with Name Vibration Reading?

When I access to the sound of the name Ella, I got a vision and draw as below.

meaning of the name Ella by Name vibration art

I asked the drawing what does the name Ella mean. Then, I received the following message from the drawing in Japanese about the meaning of the name Ella.

Ellaは人々を照らす、天空の光の女神のバイブレーション。 Ellaは光を通して、人々を見守り、生命の繁栄のためのエネルギーを地上に照らし続ける。 また、Ellaの周波数には、女性的な美を養う機能がある。 女性の女性としての輝きを引き出し、それを発揮させる。

And, I translated into English.

Ella is the vibration of the goddess of light from heaven, which illuminates people. Ella watches people with light and continues to radiate the energy for life’s prosperity onto the earth. Ella’s frequency also has a function to nurture female beauty. It brings out female’s brightness as female and activates it.

I made my drawing process and the message into a 1-minute video. Please watch.

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What is Name Vibration Reading?

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