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My mission

My mission is “world happiness".

Every topic you bring for the healing session, which you may think just your personal issue, but actually taking care of it is an essential step to world happiness. World happiness is the result of the inner happiness of each of us.

I am responsible for my own reality. Responsibility means the ability to respond. In my reality, you appear in front of me. So, off course, you are within my reality. Also, I am within your reality. My reality is the result of my perception. Your reality is the result of your perception. And, as far as you are in my reality, the topic you bring to me is the result of my perception. Therefore, I let go of those beliefs through my healing technique.

To take care of my reality, I let go of any kind of unneeded belief for world happiness which I encounter. The reality is the fruit of my perception.

Therefore, if you come to me for a session, you brought something which is responsible for me. It is the result of my perception. If it is not my responsibility, you don’t show up in front of me for the session. So, Thank you for coming to me for contributing world happiness.


About Koichi


Koichi, Japanese spiritual healer for world happiness in 台湾

I am Koichi. I am born as an ordinary Japanese in the countryside of southern Japan. I am the father of my beautiful wife and daughter.

In the past, I was a scientific researcher of biotech in the U.S. However, I realized that it is not my path. I quit and was looking for my path. After 2 years of searching my path, I realized my healing ability, I was surprised to it, I started to travel around the world with the skill in 2007, and continued for 4 years. I spent my time mostly in Spain, and also traveled to Africa, other European countries, and the U.S.

Though traveling, I finally realized that true happiness is not somewhere else. It is within me. even if it seems that people or society around me give a negative effect on me, it is my responsibility, the ability to respond. How I respond to my feeling about the reality around me creates a new reality. My perception of reality decides what reality I experience.

What I believe is what I see."

From the realization, the healing shifted to the new dimension. The healing is not limited by distance and time because it is about managing my perception. It transforms the past and future entirely.

Along the process of healing practice, I got the ability to access the pure vibration of people and their names. I get visions from your name vibration, telling me pure meaning of your name. It was also another surprise for me as I never had the confidence to draw before.

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