What is the name Joshua, meaning by Name Vibration?

What is the name Joshua, meaning by Name Vibration?

What is the name Joshua? Name Vibration of Joshua is converted into a vision, and into a message. It tells you what is the meaning of the name Joshua.

All names have different sounds. Sound is vibration. The vibration can be converted to vision in a meditative state with a joyful and peaceful mind. The vision has a message that tells what is the pure quality of your name. In this post, I draw the vision of the name Joshua and introduce the message from the name Joshua.

What does Joshua mean spiritually with Name Vibration Reading?

When I access to the sound of the name Joshua, I got a vision and draw as below.

meaning of the name Joshua by Name vibration art

I asked the drawing what does the name Joshua mean. Then, I received the following message from the drawing in Japanese about the meaning of the name Joshua.

“Joshuaは全てが見渡せる意識の高みから、全てを見渡し、人類と社会を父性の愛を以て、見守り続ける。 その意思と愛は、確実に永遠に、この人類社会を守り続けている。”

And, I translated into English.

“Joshua looks down from the higher consciousness where he can see everything. He observes and protects humanity and society with paternal love. His love and will keep on protecting humanity fiercely and everlastingly.”

I made my drawing process and the message into a 1-minute video. Please watch.

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What is Name Vibration Reading?

I wrote about Name Vibration Reading on the following page. Your full name has another vibration. You can make an appointment with Koichi on the following page for your full name reading.


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